Groundworks Leicester

Midbrook Groundworks offer a wide range of services in and around the Leicester area to a broad client base and projects ranging from domestic, rail and commercial to full on industrial in scope.

From our Derbyshire base, it’s a brisk one hour journey down the M1 to Leicester, making Midbrook well situated to take on projects in his fine city.


  • Reinforced concrete slabs & concrete pads for steel framed buildings
  • Concrete ramps & building protection, bollards, external railings and paving etc.
  • Concrete yard repairs
  • External concrete yards
  • Landscaping & Fencing works
  • Extension & garage foundations
  • Driveways and vehicle access
  • Drainage works
  • Garage & shed bases



Rail & Commercial projects

railway-vehicle-preservationMidbrook Groundworks have completed a wide range of rail and commercial projects for a large number of clients over the years, building up a stellar range of valuable contacts and repeat customers in the process. Such projects always present new challenges that have helped instil a problem-solving mentality in the Midbrook team as well as help their skillset expand to levels that are the envy of the competition.

In terms of the kinds of projects Midbrook have undertaken they have ranged from large groundwork projects for new home developments including drainage, landscaping, foundation work and driveways, to large and small railway projects across the UK. For instance we installed a brand new pedestrian ramp and handrail system at a railway station.


Industrial projects

Of great significance in Leicester, given its industrial underpinnings, Midbrook have completed a vast array of distinct industrial projects of all shapes and sizes. Our team have experience and expertise in laying foundations and reinforced slab work among many other kinds of projects. Some of the jobs that Midbrook often undertake include adding concrete ramps and building protection elements such as bollards and railings, reinforced concrete slab work for steel framed buildings and landscaping and fencing. No industrial project is out of reach for Midbrook’s experienced team and if you would like a quote in the Leicester area we would be delighted to help.

Domestic services

While Midbrook Groundworks tend to work on domestic projects close to our Derbyshire home, we are more than happy to discuss your project and provide an estimate where applicable. The Midbrook Groundworks team understand that the home is your sanctuary and all of our trained staff and operatives know the importance of minimal disturbance and keeping things tidy. We are well versed in all manner of domestic undertakings, from extensions to fencing and drainage to garages and sheds.