Groundworks Coventry

Midbrook Groundworks are experts in construction and regularly work on projects across the UK in a wide range of sectors, with foundation and slab work projects the bread and butter of our expansive portfolio, spanning reinforced slab work for steel-framed buildings, paving, concrete yard work, landscaping and fencing, drainage works, building protection, driveways and beyond.

From work on sites for new housing projects, existing homes to a wide range of commercial and industrial projects, Midbrook are best placed to provide competitive quotes, stellar designs and quick and efficient completion of all manner of projects.


  • Reinforced concrete slabs & concrete pads for steel framed buildings
  • Concrete ramps & building protection, bollards, external railings and paving etc.
  • Concrete yard repairs
  • External concrete yards
  • Landscaping & Fencing works
  • Extension & garage foundations
  • Driveways and vehicle access
  • Drainage works
  • Garage & shed bases




One example of the team’s great flexibility is the recent work on a garden centre, in which the groundworks team managed to clear an unused area, before reducing the level and providing foundations for a new building, which enabled us to showcase our timber clad barn expertise. In addition an outdoor sales area was created and new foul and storm drains were laid, while ducts were installed for the new services and new paving and surfacing completed.

Midbrook are not only geographically well placed to complete work in the Coventry area, but thanks to our regular forays into neighbouring East Midlands towns and cities, Midbrook have a comprehensive understanding of commerce and industry in the area and know just what is expected in terms of dedication, competitive pricing, high standards and specific detail. Whether it is work on a domestic, commercial or industrial level, all of our clients benefit from the same high standards and work ethics that our highly experienced team brings to the table.

Midbrook Groundworks benefit from a hugely experienced multi-disciplinary team, thanks to intelligent recruitment and many years of experience working on a wide range of projects. We are able to provide competitive quotes on jobs of all shapes and size, whether you are looking to repurpose land for extra space, provide groundworks for new buildings or for landscaping projects.

Take a look at our regularly updated case studies page for an overview of the scope of the Midbrook portfolio.